Weather Forecast: The Witch Way

Have you ever wondered how Witches in the old times used to forecast the weather in order to plan their lives and rituals? Well, here is a simple example on how they used to do it!

This Ancient but simple method, was what they used to forecast the weather for a whole year. They used to observe 12 days of August. Some believe that the correct one is the first 12 days, others believe that because it is an ancient method we have to use the old calendar and start observing from the 13th to 24th of August. Every one of them tells about the weather of each month. For example. The first days is for the weather of August. The second day is for the weather of September, the third for October etc…

– If the day is windy, then the weather of this month will be very unstable.

– If the sky of this day is clear, the weather of this month will be good.

– If there are white stable clouds, the weather of this month will be rainy.

– If there are white clouds which are moving fast the weather of this months will be snowy

– If there are dark clouds, the weather of this month will be cold.

So this is how they did it. Of course, this s not a scientific method by any modern means, but it is still a fun thing to do. Why don’t you try this out during the next August? Take pen and paper and observe the first 12 days of August and then the other 12 days. Write down your observations and see if they meet the actual weather into the following year.

K.P. Theodore

K.P. Theodore is a traditional Occultist and Author. They have studied History, Social Anthropology, and Philosophy, and they have done personal studies in the Esoteric Arts and Medieval Witchcraft. Author of the books “Wandlore: A Guide for the Apprentice Wand Maker” and the “The Fundamental Book of Sigil Magick” book series. - Wandlore - click here Sigil Magick - click here

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