The Wine Prayer

A Story…

Among the personal notes of Leonardo da Vinci, there is a wine story. The wine itself, the divine potion of the vine, woke up inside a rich golden cup which was served on Muhammad’s table, and as it was filled with pride and joy, it suddenly had a worrying thought: “But what should I do? Why am I not glad? Don’t I understand that I am very close to death? I will soon leave this cup and I will enter into the disgusting and filthy cavities of the human body. As this was not enough, I will be among other decomposed substances that came out of the human viscera.” Desperately, it asked Zeus to take revenge for such an injustice. Zeus heard the prayer and made Muhammad ban wine to all people across Asia. All of the continent’s vineyards remained untouched.

Caelan Fraser

This is either e pen-name or the Author did not wish to share more of their personal information publicly.

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